Internet Resources on Information Warfare

The following papers focus on Internet and information warfare. Most are written by folks now actively engaged in information warfare research.

An Analysis of Security Incidents on the Internet. John D. Howard.

Defensive Information Warfare. David S. Alberts.

Foreign Information Warfare Programs and Capabilities. John M. Deutch, Director of Central Intelligence.

From InfoWar to Knowledge Warfare: Preparing for the Paradigm Shift. Philippe Baumard.

Induced Fragility in Information Age Warfare. Bruce W. Fowler and Donald R. Peterson.

Information Security: Computer Attacks at Department of Defense Pose Increasing Risks. U.S. Government Accounting Office.

Information War and the Air Force: Wave of the Future? Current Fad? Glenn Buchan.

Information Warfare and International Law. Lawrence T. Greenberg, Seymour E. Goodman, and Kevin J. Soo Hoo.

Information Warfare. Brian C. Lewis.

Intelligence-Based Threat Assessments for Information Networks and Infrastructures. Kent Anderson from Global Technology Research, Inc.

Knowledge-Based Warfare: A Security Strategy for the Next Century. Lawrence E. Casper, Irving L. Halter, Earl W. Powers, Paul J. Selva, Thomas W. Steffens, and T. LaMar Willis.

Network-Centric Warfare: Its Origin and Future. Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski, U.S. Navy, and John J. Garstka.

Political Aspects of Class III Information Warfare: Global Conflict and Terrorism. MatthewcyberterrorismInternet resourcesinformation warfareInternet resourcesinformation attacksInternet resourcesespionageInternet resources G. Devost.

Books on Information Warfare

Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway. Winn Schwartau. (Engaging infowar title by the owner of Thunder's Mouth Press. 1996.

Strategic Information Warfare: A New Face of War. Roger C. Molander, Andrew S. Riddile, and Peter A. Wilson. Rand Corporation. 1996.

Cyberwar: Security, Strategy, and Conflict in the Information Age. R. Thomas Goodden. AFCEA International Press. 1996.

Defensive Information Warfare. David S. Alberts.Diane Publishing. 1996.

The First Information War: The Story of Communications, Computers, and Intelligence Systems in the Persian Gulf War. Alan D. Campen, ed. AFCEA International Press. 1992.

Information Warfare: How Computers Are Fighting the New World Wars. James Adams. 1998.

Introduction to Information Warfare. Edward L. Waltz. 1998.

Netspionage: The Global Threat to Information. W. Boni and G. Kovacich. Butterworth-Heinemann. 2000.

Cyberwar 3.0: Human Factors in Information Operations and Future Conflict. A. Campen and D. Dearth. AFCEA International Press. 2000.

Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime and Militancy. J. Arquilla and D. Ronfeldt, eds. Rand Corporation. 2001.

Strategic Warfare in Cyberspace. G. Rattray. MIT Press. 2001.

Global Information Warfare: How Businesses, Governments, and Others Achieve Objectives and Attain Competitive Advantages. A. Jones, G. Kovacich, and P. Luzwick. Auerbach Publishing. 2002.

Information Warfare Principles and Operations. Edward Waltz. Artech House. 2002.




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