Hardware Requirements

The Pathloss program is supplied on a CD-ROM. A USB hardware key is required to run the program therefore an available USB port is required. The USB key must be connected to the machine the program is executing on. It cannot be used across a network or in a terminal server configuration. 

The program uses the Borland database engine (BDE Version 3.0) for interference calculations and the site database. Other programs such as Word Perfect and Paradox use the same database engine and this may already be installed on your computer. The installation will automatically detect BDE and only carry out the installation if it does not exist or an earlier version is installed. BDE is supplied as a Borland redistributable product.

Pathloss version 4.0 is compatible with Windows 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP and Contract Telecommunication Engineering support their Pathloss version 4.0 program on these operating systems. The program does not operate on Windows NT 3.51.

The basic Pathloss program (less BDE) only requires 6 Mb of hard disk space; however, BDE and the various data files will increase the hard disk space requirements to 25 Mb.

The recommended memory requirements are 64 Mb for Window 98/2000 and 128 Mb for Windows NT/XP